My Studio

I may have mentioned I have a jolly good husband!

Not only did I steal his garage for my studio, he also transformed it into a little vintage haven of natural sparkling light, draping white curtains, roll down back drops, soft carpets, hooks, hangers, shelves and rails in every shape size and position!

And if he happens to be around when you’re here you will get as many teas and coffees as you would ever want. I also have two teenage daughters who breeze in and out when needed as my assistants come refreshment deliverers come toddler sitters come smile coaxers! Yes I’ve taught them the tricks of fake sneezes, animal noises, crazy faces or what ever it takes to get that natural smile:)

I love vintage props and anything cute and antique! I love that children relax and play while I capture their natural beauty. If you prefer to have a simple natural look without props please do not hesitate to ask for this. I usually do a blend of props and no props in each  session if possible anyway:)

My garden studio also plays a big part in many shoots! My husband again!!!! created me a tallowwood wonderland! Paths and nooks and crannies everywhere so as to capture any light and look we are after! There’s pedal cars and bikes and swings galore. The latest a rustic shed as a backdrop! its ever growing and changing so don’t be surprised if theres still work in progress behind the scenes at time:)