Your Session

Newborn session

A newborn Session is often hard to predict as our little bundles don’t always let us know exactly what their plans are! Therefore I usually will take the booking tentativley on your due date and change it as we need to closer to the time or even after the birth.

Because we can usually do newborn sessions on a weekday I keep availability especially for them around your due date. Weekends book up more quickly but this doesn’t usually pose a problem for fitting in newborn session changes at late notice.

You don’t need to bring anything special to your newborn session expect for your precious new little life snug as a bug. You are welcome to feed and change and relax here in my studio for as long as you need to before we start. Please don’t rush here to be on time! I don’t have a particular time limit for newborn session so don’t worry if you are a little late. I would much prefer this if it means you can feel relaxed and organised. That way  your baby is happy and chilled as well. If you have a dummy (pacifier) please bring that even if your bubby doesn’t really love it! Sometimes its just great as a distraction for them for a little while. If you breast feed but sometimes comp feed bubby also feel free to bring a bottle and I can organise heating for you.

I always offer parent and sibling photos at no extra charge. They are precious memories and worth the extra time and effort. It may take longer and be a busier session, so if  possible its great for daddy (or even grandma) to come in a seperate car and can take siblings home once we have captured the cute sibling and daddy photos. If this isn’t possible please don’t worry at all, I’m very used to juggling the whole lot and its usually totally fine:)

A newborn session can take anything from 1-4 hours. Usually around 2.5 hours on average:)

The wonderful Milestone Package is a gorgeous way to remember every moment of your precious little life. The one little life  you created! That little being who grows and grows before our eyes and becomes their very own little person. All this is captured in a series of prints that you can display in a wonderful wall arrangement or in a lovely linen bound album set!

A beautiful way to cherish a previous time in your life forever!


Family Sessions

I love to do family sessions in my garden studio or a country location if possible. If you have a property that has some great spots I love to come to you. I only charge travel once we are over half an hour away:)

With smaller children its usually easier to have some props involved to keep them interested and natural. I am happy to take props with me if we go to a location or your property.

If you would like to bring your own props or anything special to add to the memories in your images please feel free to do this. I love to make your memories personal and unique to you:)

A family session usually takes around 1-2 hours:)


Sweet Sixteen Sessions

Please please treat your daughter to this wonderful experience! They don’t need to be sixteen! Sixteen is a great age but any age from fourteen to eighteen is great! It is a time when they get to become the star, the princess, the one and only for a day! A time they don’t have to share the limelight with their sisters or brothers or friends. Its fun and exciting and a time to feel beautiful and free! Its all about confidence building in a time when life can be tough, working out exactly who they are and feeling at ease in their own skin. I just loooove these sessions so much and feel the rewards are ten fold!

A gift voucher for this session is a beautiful present for your daughter, niece or granddaughter. xx


Mother daughter Sessions 

I cannot encourage you enough to embrace one of these sessions with all the precious  ladies in your life.

The girls who have had this session with me talk about the actual photo session itself as an experience they won’t forget. Its a time they spend preparing together to shine in front of the camera. Its a time they actually bond even more as they laugh and cry together… reminisce about past experiences…and dream for their daughters and their futures.

And then time stands still as they cherish the beautiful images they have to keep forever.

A wonderful gift to gift to give any mother as a gift voucher!